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The Best Memory Foam Dog Beds will Give Comfort, Pressure Relief & Pain Relief.

Hello, my names Archie and I'm here to tell you all about why Memory foam dog beds are so good, and what to look for in the Best Memory Foam Bed for dogs

Now, I know what you're thinking. Why is a smart, good-looking, talented canine like myself, trying to convince you on the benefits of memory foam beds and mattresses for dogs?

I've created this website for you, my canine friend! (You might want to show this to your owners as well!) I've written various articles on what to look for in a  dog bed memory foam mattress, the benefits of memory foam for senior dogs , best beds for large breed dogs,with puppies in mind, why memory foam is great for arthritic dogs and all about our premium dog mattress.

All covers are zip removable and machine washable, Waterproof Liners available.

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The unique pressure relieving properties of our original premium memory foam dog bed is achieved by using solid, (not shredded) 3 inch (7cm) deep high density memory foam, which adapts to the exact contours of your dog, resulting in maximum comfort and pressure relief, with optimum support from the 2 inch (5cm) high density polyurethane foam base layer, offering your dog a full 5 inch (12cm) deep bed, for the absolute luxury that he or she deserves!

The best memory foam mattress for Dogs will have two layers, the top layer being memory foam for comfort, with a good support layer beneath.

If you'd like to ask any questions about my beds, feel free to give me a call on 01702 530847 or by email. 

I can't guarantee i'll be there, I may be napping when you call!, but Mum or Dad will be (their names are Richard and Louise, just so you know!) Archie...

7cm Memory Foam, 5cm Base support Layer for maximum comfort.

Advisory Note

Many companies are now offering memory foam bed mattresses for dogs made using chipped or shredded memory foam without a Support Layer these may be cheaper, but offer little or no support or comfort. Our original memory foam dog mattress has a substantial 5cm (2 inch) support layer with a 7cm (3inch) solid  memory foam upper layer, not chipped or shredded memory foam.
I have also seen many companies offering Memory Foam Beds for dogs with as little as 2cm (Less than an inch!) of Memory Foam, again these may be cheaper, but offer no additional comfort or pressure relief to that of a standard foam dog bed. All our Memory Foam Beds for dogs are supplied with a full 7cm (3inch) of Luxury Memory Foam to provide the comfort and pressure relief your best friend deserves. Archie...