Memory Foam Dog Beds

If you want absolute comfort for your dog, you're in the right place!  We make memory foam dog beds by hand, in our factory just outside Southend-on-Sea.

We've been making memory foam mattresses since 2001, and in 2011 decided to start making dog beds as well.

Custom sizes available

We buy foams in huge blocks, which we then cut to size on our cutting table.  And, we employ a part-time seamstress who hand-makes all our our covers and liners.

This means we can make you a custom size and/or shape dog bed that fits perfectly in your home.

Our products

Premium Beds

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Bolster Beds

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Waterproof Beds

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Travel Pads

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Many companies are now offering memory foam dog beds using chipped or shredded memory foam, without a support layer.

These may be cheaper, but they offer little or no support or comfort.

Our Premium memory foam dog beds have a substantial 3-inch support layer, with a 2-inch solid memory foam upper layer. 

Not chipped or shredded.

I have also seen companies offering memory foam beds for dogs with less than an inch of memory foam.  Again these may be cheaper, but the pressure-relieving benefits of memory foam will be minimal.