Dog Bed Memory Foam is Ideal for Your Best Friend

Dog bed memory foam is great stuff. I'm Archie and I have it in my bed, and it's what helps me get a lovely night's sleep.

But don't just take my word for it!  Here's my quick guide to memory foam to help you when choosing a dog bed.

Four reasons why memory foam is the perfect material for dog beds...

1.  Memory foam moulds around a dog's body.  If the foam density is correct for your dog's size and weight, it will offer the optimum level of support, which:

  • reduces the pressure on muscles, joints and sores;
  • helps your friend sleep for longer and get better quality sleep;
  • can improve stiffness in joints.

2.  Memory foam is an inhospitable environment for bed bugs and dust mites, to help protect your dog from bites.

3.  As we make our own memory foam dog beds, we can cut the foams to any size you like - perfect if you want to put the bed in a tight or awkward space. 

4.  They're designed to be theraputic dog beds.  So one size doesn't fit all.  

We offer different levels of support foam density according to your breed of dog.

About the Author!

I'm Archie, and my owners Richard and Louise have put me in charge of selling our memory foam dog beds.  (They make adjustable beds and mattresses for humans...)

If you have any questions about my dog beds, either:

Get in touch HERE or call us on 01702 530847.

(I may be napping when you call, but Richard or Louise will be around!)

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