Senior Dog Beds -
Which are Best for Your Dog?

Senior dog beds have only one job. To provide as much comfort, relaxation and rest as possible, to your beloved four-legged friend.

Hopefully you've enjoyed a long, fun and loving relatonship with your dog. Many years of running around, playing catch in the park and chasing birds!

But, time catches up with all of us. Do you feel as young as you used to? Are you as active as you were in your teens? Do you have as much energy as you did in your twenties?

Well, it's the same for us canines us well.

The Right Senior Dog Beds can Help Improve Senior Dog Health

When you were shopping around for your first dog bed, you may not have thought too much about the quality of the bed.

Other factors might have been a higher priority. Like colour, design, or durability. (We all like to have a good gnaw on our beds when we're young!)

But for senior dog beds, your priorities have to change.

Your pet may not just be feeling the effects of old age. They may suffer from a condition like canine hip dysplasia or arthritis. You may now be looking for effective dog arthritis relief.

Here's where I come in.

My owners have been making memory foam mattresses for humans for over ten years. They know a thing or two about making a comfortable mattress.

A lot of their customers approach them because they have arthritis, suffer with joint or muscle pain, or sores.

So one day I thought to myself "If memory foam mattresses are great for senior humans, why don't I make senior dog beds out of memory foam?"

Now you may be wondering what all the fuss is about with memory foam. So let me explain.

Memory foam makes for a truly orthopaedic dog bed. This is because it gently moulds around the contours of your body, which relieves pressure on your joints.

And even if your dog doesn't suffer from a specific condition, if she's in her senior years she'll benefit enormously from an orthopedic memory foam dog bed.

Senior Dog Beds for Better Sleep

Have you ever climbed into a bed and felt as though it's the most comfortable thing you've ever laid on? I do every night (and several times throughout the day...)

You could give that same feeling to your pet. Because although I make memory foam dog beds, what I actually sell is comfort, relief and a good night's sleep for your companion.

And you know how great you feel in the morning after you've had a good night's sleep.

In fact, many owners report how their dog always used to get up several times in the night, toss and turn, or be generally unsettled. But after they invested in a memory foam dog bed, their pets' quality of sleep improved dramatically.

Other people have commented on reduced limping and stiffness, longer sleep and better alignment when walking.

Hopefully by now you're convinced of the benefits of memory foam, and why it's such a great material for dog beds.

If you're thinking all memory foam dog beds are created equal and are about to go searching online for the cheapest one, unfortunately this isn't the case.

Have a read of my memory foam dog beds page and you'll see why my senior dog beds are among the best!

About the Author!

I'm Archie, and my owners Richard and Louise have put me in charge of selling our memory foam dog beds. (They make adjustable beds and mattresses for humans...)

If you have any questions about my dog beds, either:

(I may be napping when you call, but Richard or Louise will be around!)

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